To ensure a smooth and reliable service, Wookieepedia will become a subscription-based service. This page outlines the details of the subscription system.


Due to growing traffic, maintenance costs of Wookieepedia have been increasing. Combined with decreased ad revenue, these factors have led to the Wookieepedia administration considering several options to ensure a secured future for our beloved site. We engaged in extensive dialogue with Wikia staff, who were the ones who brought the problem to our attention.

The conclusion we reached is that Wookieepedia needs to become a subscription service. Wikia has been considering a pay-to-read system for a long time, and the administration is glad to being the first wiki on Wikia to try out this new exciting feature. While we naturally regret that the wiki has to adopt a subscription-based approach, the administration has deemed this is the best option to make sure Wookieepedia will live on.


This is obviously no small step in Wookieepedia's history, and there still exists plenty of issues and details that need to be ironed out before rolling out the subscription service sitewide. Together with Wikia, the Wookieepedia administration has developed two different subscription tiers as seen below. We have also helped design the popup that will appear on all pages once the subscription service goes live sitewide, but for now, the popup will only appear on certain pages, including Anakin Skywalker. Comments and suggestions for the popups are welcome in the relevant forum thread, so please make sure to voice your opinion and help shape the wiki we all love.

We do not yet have an ETA for the sitewide release, but the administration hopes to roll out the new feature as soon as possible. This means that the wiki will adopt a pay-to-read approach in April, and users who do not have a subscription will be severely limited as outlined below. Subscriptions will be linked with your Wikia account, and in addition, readers can subscribe through Facebook integration. More details on the technical aspect will come later. The payments will be done through PayPal and international wire transfers, and we hope to make Wookieepedia Pro accessible worldwide to as many people as possible.

Unfortunately the introduction of a subscription-based approach also means that editors will have to subscribe in order to edit and view pages. While we regard this as a very unfortunate outcome, there is unfortunately no workaround.

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Subscription tiersEdit

Wookieepedia Pro PlusEdit

  • Unlimited articles
  • No advertisements
  • $9.99/month

Wookieepedia ProEdit

  • Unlimited articles
  • $4.99/month

No subscriptionEdit

  • 10 articles per month


Please direct all feedback to this forum thread.