Route 202 is a route that connects Bayview to the Pennington settlement in North Heaven. Route 202 is the original routing of Interstate 2 in North Heaven, and still exists as an alternate route into and out of Bayview for travelers along Interstate 2. Route 202 runs through the Pennington Woods, then later curves north and runs alongside the east shore of Moruk Bay and into Bayview.

JunctionDistance (mi)Distance (km)Cumulative distance (mi)Cumulative distance (km)Seconds traveledSeconds traveled (cumulative)
Route81 Route 81
Century Ave0.931.500.931.504848
Broton St2.103.383.034.88108156
Canterlot St0.370.603.405.4819175
Bay Blvd
(Northbound exit only)
I-7 Interstate 7 /Bridge Rd0.290.474.166.7015214
Crown Ave0.741.194.907.8938252
Template:Route209 / South Bay Rd2.704.357.6012.24139391
I-2 Interstate 2
Route62 Route 62