Building name District name Building address Purpose Businesses
City HallDowntown Leethill Avenue Administration
Town square Leethill Avenue Environment
Downtown Apartment Complex Mainton Avenue
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Le Cupcake Shop ^_^
  • Broton Plaza Jewellery
  • Broton Central Pharmacy
  • Gaming store
  • Soprano's Pizzeria
  • 'Dat Coffee café
Fitness center Leethill Avenue Commercial
Downtown Hospital El Diablo Street 1 Administration
Central station Mainton Avenue Administration
Central library Pennington Street Administration
Department store Mainton Avenue Commercial
Police station Environment
Media Empire tower Environment

Time elapsed Day 1
24 hours
Day 2
48 hours
Day 3
72 hours
Day 4
96 hours
Day 5
120 hours
Day 6
144 hours
Day 7
168 hours
More than 168 hours (more than one week)
Required votesCannot pass Can pass with five AgriCorps / Inq votes, of which at least three must be AC votes Can pass with at least five votes, of which three must be AgriCorps/Inq votes. (Of the three AgriCorps/Inq votes, two must come from AC members)