~                          $ mkdir pywikibot
~                          $ cd pywikibot
~/pywikibot                $ wget
~/pywikibot                $ tar xvf core_stable.tar.gz
~/pywikibot                $ rm core_stable.tar.gz
~/pywikibot                $ cd core_stable
~/pywikibot/core_stable    $ python
                             Please insert URL to wiki:
                             Please insert a short name (eg: freeciv): ecks

~/pywikibot/core_stable    $ python
                             Select family of sites we are working on, just enter the number or name (default: wikipedia): 4
                             Username on en:ecks: EcksBot
~/pywikibot/core_stable    $ python login
                             Password for user EcksBot on ecks:en (no characters will be shown): 
                             Logging in to ecks:en as EcksBot
                             Logged in on ecks:en as EcksBot.